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Preprocessed SemEval-2010 Benchmark dataset

If you use this dataset, please cite:

  • How Document Pre-processing affects Keyphrase Extraction Performance. Florian Boudin, Hugo Mougard and Damien Cram. COLING 2016 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (WNUT).

The dataset is split into three directories:

  • references: reference keyphrases for evaluation
  • test: test set
  • train: training set

For both test and training sets, documents are further split into four preprocessing levels:

  • lvl-1: each input file is processed using the Stanford CoreNLP suite v3.6.0. We use the default parameters and perform tokenization, sentence splitting and Part-Of-Speech (POS) tagging. Files are in XML format.

  • lvl-2: for each file, we manually retrieved the original PDF file from the ACM Digital Library. We then extract the enriched textual content of the PDF files using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system and perform document logical structure detection using ParsCit v110505. We use the detected logical structure to remove author-assigned keyphrases and select only relevant elements : title, headers, abstract, introduction, related work, body text and conclusion. We finally apply a systematic dehyphenation at line breaks and run the Stanford CoreNLP suite.

  • lvl-3: we further abridge the input text from level 2 preprocessed documents to the following~: title, headers, abstract, introduction, related work, background and conclusion.

  • lvl-4: we abridge the input text from level 3 preprocessed documents using an unsupervised sumamrization technique. We keep the title and abstract and select the most content bearing sentences from the remaining contents.

We provide the URL links to retreive the original PDF documents (links.txt).

Reference keyphrases provided by the SemEval-2010 organizers were converted into json format for ease of use:

  • [test|train].[author|reader|combined].[stem].json: author, reader or combined (stemmed or not) reference keyphrases for test or train splits.


Preprocessed SemEval-2010 benchmark dataset for keyphrase extraction




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