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Garie is a open source tool for monitoring web performance using promethus and graphna. Garie integrated with lighthouse, page speed insights and web page test to gather performance metrics then logs them into promethesus.


  • Setup everything with one command.
  • Out the box dashboards.
  • View performance data over time.
  • Integrated with Lighthouse, Page-speed-insights

Overview of Garie

Garie is a simple express server sat ontop of multiple docker containers to collect performance data through multiple performance tools. The data is stored in promethesus and visualised using Grafana.

Dashboard screenshot 1 Dashboard screenshot 2 Dashboard screenshot 3




Once docker-compose has complete, go to http://localhost to view your dashboard that is already setup and good to go!

  • username: admin
  • password: secret

Capturing data

You can capture data anyway you want. You could setup a cron job to hit the application every X amount of times to gather information or a github webhook with any release of your software.


GET - localhost:8080/lighthouse?url={url}&product={product}
  • url - The url to get the performance data for.
  • product - The product which is used on the dashboards.

Example: http://localhost:8080/lighthouse?url=

Page speed insights

GET - localhost:8080/page-speed-insights?url={url}&product={product}
  • url - The url to get the performance data for.
  • product - The product which is used on the dashboards.

Example: http://localhost:8080/page-speed-insights?url=

Viewing your dashboards

You can view your dashboards at http://localhost. You will be asked to login. Please use the credentials below.

  • username: admin
  • password: secret


Metric Description
light_house_accessibility Accessibility score from lighthouse (0/100).
light_house_best_practices Best practices score from lighthouse (0/100)
light_house_first_interactive The time to first interaction (ms)
light_house_first_meaningful_paint The time to first meaningful paint (ms)
light_house_performance Performance score from lighthouse (0/100)
light_house_progressive_web_app Progressive web app score from lighthouse (0/100)
light_house_redirects Number of redirects
light_house_seo SEO Score from lighthouse (0/100)
light_house_speed_index_metric Speed index
light_house_time_to_first_byte Time to first byte (ms)
page_speed_insights_page_stats_cssResponseBytes Total CSS Response in bytes
page_speed_insights_page_stats_htmlResponseBytes Total HTML response in bytes
page_speed_insights_page_stats_imageResponseBytes Total Image response in bytes
page_speed_insights_page_stats_javascriptResponseBytes Total JavaScript response in bytes
page_speed_insights_page_stats_numberCssResources Total CSS response in bytes
page_speed_insights_page_stats_numberJsResources Total number of JavaScript files
page_speed_insights_speed_score_desktop Speed score in desktop
page_speed_insights_speed_score_mobile Speed score in mobile

Viewing Metrics in Prometheus

You can view any metrics gathered by Garie in the prometheus dashboard.

You can view lighthouse metrics by typing lighthouse_ in the input box. You should see all avalaible lighthouse metics.

You can also see page speed insight metrics by typing page_speed_insights into the input box.