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Squid Prometheus exporter

Exports squid metrics in Prometheus format

NOTE: From release 1.0 metric names and some parameters has changed. Make sure you check the docs and update your deployments accordingly!


Simple usage:

squid-exporter -squid-hostname "localhost" -squid-port 3128

Configure Prometheus to scrape metrics from localhost:9301/metrics

- job_name: squid
  # squid-exporter is installed, grab stats about the local
  # squid instance.
    - targets: ['localhost:9301']

To get all the parameteres

squid-exprter -help

Usage with docker:

Basic setup assuming Squid is running on the same machine:

docker run --net=host -d boynux/squid-exporter

Setup with Squid running on a different host

docker run -p 9301:9301 -d boynux/squid-exporter -squid-hostname "" -squid-port 3128 -listen ":9301"


This project is written in Go, so all the usual methods for building (or cross compiling) a Go application would work.

If you are not very familiar with Go you can download the binary from releases.

Or build it for your OS:

go install https://github.com/boynux/squid-exporter

then you can find the binary in: $GOPATH/bin/squid-exporter


  • Expose Squid counters
    • Client HTTP
    • Server HTTP
    • Server ALL
    • Server FTP
    • Server Other
    • ICP
    • CD
    • Swap
    • Page Faults
    • Others
  • Histograms
  • Other metrics
  • Squid Authentication (Basic Auth)


Pull request and issues are very welcome.


MIT License