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Note: I've been very busy on the past couple of months with my personal life and work. Thanks for filing issues and feature requests. I'll start to go through them and provide updates very soon.

Squid Prometheus exporter

Exports squid metrics in Prometheus format

NOTE: From release 1.0 metric names and some parameters has changed. Make sure you check the docs and update your deployments accordingly!


  • Using environment variables to configure the exporter
  • Adding custom labels to metrics


Simple usage:

squid-exporter -squid-hostname "localhost" -squid-port 3128

Configure Prometheus to scrape metrics from localhost:9301/metrics

- job_name: squid
  # squid-exporter is installed, grab stats about the local
  # squid instance.
    - targets: ['localhost:9301']

To get all the parameteres, command line arguments always override default and environment variables configs:

squid-exporter -help

The following environment variables can be used to override default parameters:


Usage with docker:

Basic setup assuming Squid is running on the same machine:

docker run --net=host -d boynux/squid-exporter

Setup with Squid running on a different host

docker run -p 9301:9301 -d boynux/squid-exporter -squid-hostname "" -squid-port 3128 -listen ":9301"

With environment variables

docker run -p 9301:9301 -d -e SQUID_PORT="3128" -e SQUID_HOSTNAME="" -e SQUID_EXPORTER_LISTEN=":9301" boynux/squid-exporter


This project is written in Go, so all the usual methods for building (or cross compiling) a Go application would work.

If you are not very familiar with Go you can download the binary from releases.

Or build it for your OS:

go install

then you can find the binary in: $GOPATH/bin/squid-exporter


  • Expose Squid counters
    • Client HTTP
    • Server HTTP
    • Server ALL
    • Server FTP
    • Server Other
    • ICP
    • CD
    • Swap
    • Page Faults
    • Others
  • Expose Squid service times
    • HTTP requests
    • Cache misses
    • Cache hits
    • Near hits
    • Not-Modified replies
    • DNS lookups
    • ICP queries
  • Expose squid Info
    • Squid service info (as label)
    • Connection information for squid
    • Cache information for squid
    • Median Service Times (seconds) 5 min
    • Resource usage for squid
    • Memory accounted for
    • File descriptor usage for squid
    • Internal Data Structures
  • Histograms
  • Other metrics
  • Squid Authentication (Basic Auth)


  • Q: Metrics are not reported by exporter

  • A: That usually means the exporter cannot reach squid server or the config manager permissions are not set corretly. To debug and mitigate:

    • First make sure the exporter service can reach to squid server IP Address (you can use telnet to test that)
    • Make sure you allow exporter to query the squid server in config you will need something like this ( is the network for exporter, you can also use a single IP if needed):
    #http_access allow manager localhost
    acl prometheus src
    http_access allow manager prometheus
  • Q: Why process_open_fds metric is not exported?

  • A: This usualy means exporter don't have permission to read /proc/<squid_proc_id>/fd folder. You can either

  1. [recommended] Set CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH capability for squid exporter process (or docker). (eg. sudo setcap 'cap_dac_read_search+ep' ./bin/squid-exporter)
  2. [not recommended] Run the exporter as root.


Pull request and issues are very welcome.

If you found this program useful please consider donations Donate


MIT License