Pong game made with Sprite Kit
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Sprite Kit Pong


This is my example/version of legendary game Pong but made with Sprite Kit, I made in one day(saturday) :)

I wanted to show how simple but powerful Sprite Kit is. Here is Sprite Kit programming guide if you want to start making games with Sprite Kit.


Just drag your fingers on screen to move the paddles to bounce the ball. :)


You can easily change parameters like

  • customize ball direction when ball has contact with the paddle
  • ball size
  • paddle size
  • ball velocity
  • font sizes
  • speed-up multiplier
  • etc.


Here are two screenshots but you can also check out video :)




The easiest way to show you how the game looks is to show you a video of it in action :) But you can also run the app in Xcode and see it yourself

Sprite Kit Pong by bozidarsevo

My apps

Feel free to check out my apps at Seodoa.com


This app is available under the MIT license.