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CoffeeTools 1.0 (C)2017 Bo Zimmerman
Please read the LICENSE file for license information
Please read the NOTICE file for credits information

List of Tools:

CTFilesRenamer: A mass-file renamer.  Uses a bizarre, inscrutable syntax.

FileCompare: Compare two files, showing first and offsets of mismatches, or compare all files in a path to each other, or compare all files in a path, while deleting duplicates.

FileDeInterlacer - When two files are interlaced parts of a single file, this will recombine the low and high files, and potentially numerous such file sets.

FilenameMixUpper: Scramble all the file names in a directory by renaming them to each others.

FileSplitter: Split a file into numbered parts of a given size.  See also NumberedFilesCombiner

HttpClient: Single web page GETter.  Probably more useful as an embedded class.

ImageCopy: Similar to DD, allows you to make an image file from a device.

InFileFind: Find where/at what offset a file appears inside another file

NumeredFilesCombiner: Combine a directory of files with numbered-filenames back into a single file.

PassCrypt: A tool for password-encrypting a file, which can be read and/or added to and re-encrypted

PlayKlondike: A little experiment in discovering the number of winnable klondike solitaire games.

RecursiveUnzip: Unzip all the zip files in a directory tree, with optional filename mangling

RegFilesRenamer: A mass-file renamer.  Uses standard java RegEx.  The most trivial and useful tool here.

RLETool: A file compressor/decompressor using run-length-encoding, which is optimal for files with lots of repeating character blocks.

SimilarFileFinder: Discover which files in a path are most similar to a given file or path of files.  Probably the second most useful tool here.

SortByLine: Sort a text file organized by a fixed or delimited lines of text.

FilePatternFinder: Find the largest repeated byte pattern in a file that doesn't overlap. 


A set of useful cross-platform file manipulation tools. See the list in the README!




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