A powerful, modern HTML5 web interface for Blue Iris.
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bp2008 * Added a note to add an optional maximize button to the button bar, …
…for touchscreens.

* Fixed a badly-formed error message when icons.svg fails to load.
* Fixed a bug where cpu the warning toast still appeared if the CPU was too slow and you were using the NaCl or JavaScript H.264 players.
Latest commit 84c9c2c Nov 7, 2018



UI3 is a powerful, modern HTML5 web interface for Blue Iris. As of April 20, 2018, UI3 is Blue Iris's default web interface for non-IE browsers and is included with Blue Iris versions 4.7.3 and newer.

Discuss on ipcamtalk

UI3 has a dedicated thread on the ipcamtalk forum, here:


Manual installation

If you wish to manually install UI3 (maybe to get a bugfix without waiting for it to arrive in a Blue Iris update), you can get it from the releases tab: https://github.com/bp2008/ui3/releases

To install, just extract everything to Blue Iris's www directory and overwrite all files. The default path to this folder is C:\Program Files\Blue Iris 4\www.