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* UI3 now accepts a "rec=" URL parameter which specifies a database ID and optionally a millisecond offset. The specified clip will be opened automatically at UI startup.
  * The value must begin with a database ID, optionally omitting the "@" character at the start.
  * To specify an offset, the value may optionally end with a hyphen followed by a millisecond offset value.
  * E.g. "rec=123456789" or "rec=123456789-5000"
* During clip playback, the current web address is automatically updated to include a "rec=" parameter which will load the current clip and millisecond offset.
  * The offset is updated in the address bar when playback is paused and when seeking.

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UI3 is a powerful, modern HTML5 web interface for Blue Iris. As of April 20, 2018, UI3 is Blue Iris's default web interface for non-IE browsers and is included with Blue Iris versions 4.7.3 and newer.

Discuss on ipcamtalk

UI3 has a dedicated thread on the ipcamtalk forum, here:

Manual installation

If you wish to manually install UI3 (maybe to get a bugfix without waiting for it to arrive in a Blue Iris update), you can get it from the releases tab:

To install, just extract everything to Blue Iris's www directory and overwrite all files. The default path to this folder is C:\Program Files\Blue Iris 5\www.