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Blend Conference is a 3-day, 3-track conference featuring 60 speakers sharing ideas & having conversations about user experience, UI design, and development.
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The prototype was created with the static site generator Middleman. It requires Ruby to be installed. If you're using a Mac, Ruby is installed by default. If you're using Windows, you'll need to install Ruby first using the RubyInstaller.

Open up your preferred command line application, change directories to the folder, and type the following (note: $ is just a representation of a command that should be typed in the command line, don't actually put it in the command line):

$ gem install bundler

Bundler is a package manager for Ruby that manages the dependencies that will need to be installed to run Middleman. Once bundler is installed then:

$ bundle install

Start Middleman

This will install all of the required dependncies. You can now start up Middleman:

$ bundle exec middleman

This will start up a Sinatra server running Middleman. You can now view the prototype at http://localhost:4567.

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