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A lightweight C library to add multiplexing to any file descriptor
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libfmux is a very simple protocol and library for multiplexing several communication channels (and "conversations") over a single file handle. It is typically assumed that this is a bi-directional link (e.g. a socket), but the library and protocol would work equally well on top of a pipe or other file handle.

The library is built on top of the I/O functions in unistd.h and provided by the Standard C Library to allow for the widest possible accessibility and adoption.

The protocol is inspired (in concept but not implementation) by the likes of FastCGI and systemd's journal functionality.

The library IS thread-safe, using pthread mutexes on Linux and OS X and TODO on Windows.


This software is licensed under the GNU LGPL v3. Specifically, linking against this library is permitted in ALL cases, even commercially.

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