Python script that runs commands against all e-mail messages in specified IMAP mail folders
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IMAPrunner is a relatively simple Python script that allows you to invoke commands against e-mail messages in specific IMAP mail folders. It came about from a desire to learn the basics of Python programming and to also have a tool with which to easily process spam and other e-mails.

When IMAPrunner is invoked it traverses all the IMAP folders in the specified account. If a folder is found that is referenced in the configuration file then each message in the folder is written to a temporary file and then the command specified in the configuration file is invoked to process the message. Once the message has been processed the temporary file is deleted and the message is moved to a destination folder (default: Trash).

A common use for IMAPrunner would be to set up a cron job that processes spam messages that you put in a particular folder. The example configuration file defines two folders, "spam" and "ham". Messages that are placed in the "spam" folder will be passed to the script, while messages that are placed in the "ham" folder are passed to SpamAssassins sa-learn utility. "ham" e-mails are then moved to a subfolder called "done" while "spam" emails are moved to the Trash folder.

Quick Start Guide

Edit imaprunner.cfg. It is very straightforward and commented. There are four sections to the cfg file:

- The [account] section is where you specify all the login details
  for accessing your IMAP server.  Both plaintext and SSL connections are 

- The [defaults] section contains a few default settings for the 
  script.  The most important setting here is "destination" which 
  specifies the name of the IMAP folder that all messages will be
  moved to by default.  The default destination can be overridden
  on a folder-by-folder basis.

- The [folder_commands] section contains a list of folder names
  and the commands to invoke against each message in the folder.

      spam=/path/to/ %s

  This entry means that all messages found in the "spam" folder will
  be passed to the script.  The "%s" in the command
  line will be replaced by the name of the temporary file containing
  the full e-mail message (headers & body).

- The [destinations] section contains overrides for folders to move
  messages to.  If you want messages from a specific folder moved
  to a location different than the default destination then simply
  specify it here.

IMAPrunner by default reads its configuration from ~/.imaprunner or you can pass the name of a configuation file using -c:

./ -c imaprunner.cfg

Hint to help getting started: First set up the [account] section of the configuration file then run IMAPrunner in debug mode. This can be done by either setting debug=1 in the configuration file or using -d on the command line:

./ -c imaprunner.cfg -d

Assuming the login credentials are correct, IMAPrunner will log into your mail account and display a list of all the mailboxes. Use the list of mailboxes as IMAPrunner reports them to then set up the other sections of the configuration file.