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A series of self-correcting challenges for practicing your ML and Deep Learning skills
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Machine Learning Katas

stability-wip PRs Welcome

This repository contains a series of exercises for practicing your ML and Deep Learning skills, under the form of self-correcting Jupyter notebooks.

It is part of the Machine Learning course taught at the Graduate School of Cognitive Engineering (ENSC).

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Index by exercise type

Working with Data Classic Datasets Kaggle Datasets
Tensor Management Fashion-MNIST Dogs vs. Cats
Data Analysis Iris
Breast Cancer
Boston Housing
Reuters News

Index by dataset type

Numerical Data Images Text
Iris Fashion-MNIST Reuters News
Breast Cancer CIFAR10
Boston Housing Dogs vs. Cats

How to run the notebooks

  • Launch an executable version of a notebook in Colaboratory (Google account needed) by opening it and clicking this button: Open In Google Colaboratory

  • Clone or download this repository and run a Jupyter notebook server on your local machine.

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