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Node implementation for BOA CoinNet
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Node implementation for BOA CoinNet

Docker usage

We provide a public build of this repository (see above). The easiest way to get agora is to run docker pull bpfk/agora.

The Dockerfile lives at the root of this repository, so one can run docker build -t agora . to build it. Note that you need to initialize submodules (git submodules update --init) before you first build agora.

For a test run, try:

docker run -p -v `pwd`/doc/:/root/etc/ agora -c etc/config.example.yaml

This will start a node with the example config file, and make the port locally accessible (See .

Building on POSIX


You need a recent C++ compiler (g++ with N4387 fixed), a recent D compiler, and dub. On Linux, we recommend gcc-9. On OSX, the latest llvm package available on Homebrew.

Additionally, the following are dependencies:

  • libsodium: Development library
  • pkg-config: For DUB to find the correct sqlite3 and other system libraries
  • openssl: Binary (to detect the version) and development library
  • sqlite3: Development library
  • zlib: Development library

Additionally, on OSX, PKG_CONFIG_PATH needs to be properly set to pick up sqlite3. Provided you installed sqlite-dev via brew, you can run the following command prior to building:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/opt/sqlite/lib/pkgconfig"

Since this setting does not persist, we recommend you follow Homebrew's instructions and add it to your .bashrc, .zshrc, etc...

Build instructions

# Install the latest DMD compiler
curl | bash -s
# Clone this repository
git clone
# Use the git root as working directory
cd agora/
# Initialize and update the list of submodules
git submodule update --init
# Build the application
dub build --skip-registry=all
# Build & run the tests
dub test --skip-registry=all

Running tests

Agora comes with plenty of tests. Take a look at the CI configuration for an exact list. At the moment, the three main ways to run the test are:

  • dub test: Test the consensus protocol and runs all the unittests
  • rdmd tests/runner.d: Run a serie of simple integrations tests
  • ci/system_integration_test.d: Run a full-fledged system integration test, including building the docker image.
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