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this extension is not actively maintained or developed, feel free to fork it or steal ideas from it

#brackets-snippets build status

Snippets extension for Brackets

Default shortcut to launch is Alt-S

You can go to Edit -> Trigget code snippet to open the settings dialog and change the shortcut.

See CHANGELOG for latest news on features/fixes.

Available to install from Brackets inbuilt extension registry.


  • Use Alt-S (or your own defined shortcut) to open a snippet widget
  • Use Up and Down arrows to navigate between various snippets
  • Use Enter key to insert currently selected snippet (if there are any variables, Enter will navigate you to the variables you need to fill out first)
  • Use Tab key to navigate between variables (if there are any empty ones, Tab only navigates between empty)
  • Use Esc key to close the widget any time

###Snippet marks

  • Use {{!cursor}} to specify a place where cursor should be placed after inserting a snippet.
  • Use {{!selected}} to specify a place where currently selected text should be moved.
  • Use {{$1:variableName}} to specify a snippet variable, you can repeat the variable multiple times in one snippet

###Creating own snippet