ART&FACT app, for artifacts and the 'art & facts' behind each artwork. (Honolulu AT&T Hackathon 2018)
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AT&T Hackathon Honolulu 2018 Entry — Won Best UX/UI/Design Award!

To install and run:

  1. Create an Expo account at
  2. Clone repo, then cd artefakt && npm install to install dependencies
  3. Install and run Expo toolkit with npm install -g exp && exp start (more info)
  4. Install the Expo app from the App Store on your mobile device and scan the generated QR code via the app.


ART&FACT, for artifacts and the 'art & facts' behind each piece.

An app made to promote the arts and to encourage folks to explore their city.
The idea revolves around geocached 'tour guide' stories for public artworks, unlocked by user proximity. To see each artwork's hidden stories, one must actually visit the artwork and be within 50 meters to read it!

I scraped the 2012 State of Hawaii's Public Art Database, and updated some of the missing fields. See the /data folder for more details.