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AngelScript for Marmalade

This repository lets you use AngelScript with Marmalade. No modifications to the AngelScript code are used, and native calling conventions are available for both x86 and ARM builds :-)

Using AngelScript

Binaries are includes for x86 Windows, x86 Mac, and ARM. The binaries include AngelScript and all addons. Simply add this project as a subproject in your MKB file, and include the AngelScript headers using the following include path convention:

#include <angelscript.h>
#include <angelscript/add_on/scriptstdstring.h>

A "Hello world" example is included in the example folder.

Building AngelScript

If you use the MKB file, the Marmalade build system will automatically download and compile AngelScript.

Known Issues

Cannot build .S files using MSVC

To compile with Visual Studio under certain versions of Marmalade, you may need to comment out one line of the MKB file - see note in the MKB file.

Heap corruption due to stack overflow

If you are experiencing seemingly random heap corruption (which may manifest itself in a variety of random errors/bugs/behavior), it is likely due to the default stack size of s3e apps being quite small. This is more likely to be seen on x86 than ARM builds, as x86 tends to consume more stack.

To fix this, add the following to your app.icf:

SysStackSize=65536 # default is 32768 (32k) - increase until problem is fixed.

Function calls crash or pass garbage when built with XCode

If function calls are not getting passed correctly, make sure that "dead code stripping" is turned off in the project linker options. The dead code stripping can sometimes remove the assembly code needed to use native calling conventions.

In theory, the no-strip MKB option would fix this, but it does not seem to affect the XCode project; therefore, this build setting must be manually changed.