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a repository of information on how to contribute to open source projects
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elementtree Import OpenID consumer library.
openid Register appengine-specific logging function with OpenID library.
templates More OpenID login work.
.gitignore start of project pages and project creation.
README Misc cleanup.
README.openid-consumer.txt Import OpenID consumer library.
app.yaml Add a robots.txt.
base.html Add browse page.
browse.html Add browse page. Basic user profile pages & noting login times.
create.html Misc text/HTML cleanups and docs. Import OpenID consumer library. accept irc and git URI schemes as well
index.html Misc text/HTML cleanups and docs.
index.yaml Misc cleanup.
login.html openid project creatoin works now. Add browse page. Style, add bug tracker field, add linkify filter, ...
project.html Misc text/HTML cleanups and docs. Import OpenID consumer library.
user.html Flesh out User pages a bit.


This is the source code that runs the Contributing site:

To contribute to this project, see its Contributing page:
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