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local New `local` directory for local overrides Sep 19, 2012
modes eshell: treat `vagrant ssh` like `ssh` May 6, 2014
packages popwin: make Ag.el buffers pop Aug 27, 2013
snippets/ruby-mode Add ActiveSupport::TestCase block snippet Nov 27, 2012
.gitignore Remove el-get from emacs.d completely May 27, 2013
COPYING Add license information Apr 7, 2012
Makefile Add clean_packages ability to make Jan 6, 2013 Remove reference to the Tomorrow theme Oct 7, 2012
init-editing.el Stop cursor typing over minibuffer prompt Jun 18, 2013
init-interface.el Add dynamic linum-mode config Dec 12, 2012
init-isearch.el Easily get to isearch-occur from isearch Dec 27, 2012
init-keybindings.el Replace custom function with magit-find-file Aug 13, 2013
init-linux.el Magic commands to copy/paste from remote machine Dec 3, 2012
init-local.el Bring back local overrides/config Dec 4, 2012
init-osx.el solarized: use high contrast modeline Aug 27, 2013
init-packaging.el packaging: Shuffle functions around to make clearer Aug 24, 2013
init-paths.el Make solarized a vendor theme May 26, 2013
init-solarized.el Fix bw-toggle-solarized May 2, 2013
init-themes.el Make solarized a vendor theme May 26, 2013
init-use-package.el Start using use-package Nov 11, 2012
init-utils.el Remove custom switching code Aug 17, 2013
init-window-gui.el Remove hostname prefix from frame title Apr 7, 2013
init-xterm.el use-package now works with original construct Aug 16, 2013
init.el Start the server early Aug 25, 2013
package.json Update to Emacs-friendly jslint Jul 31, 2013

My emacs.d configuration

As my editor of choice I run Emacs. One of the benefits of Emacs is that it’ll install basically anywhere.

This configuration is designed to run in shells as well as on desktops. There are some platform specific optimisations as well.


Just check it out straight to the right directory, and use Make to install it:

cd ~/Projects/emacs-d && make

Platform specific configuration

OS X desktop (

  • Left option key is remapped to M-
  • M-3 prints a literal # (UK Mac keyboards being weird)
  • We use the Solarized Dark theme
  • Font is Inconsolata

OS X CLI in iTerm2

  • When the Solarized Dark iTerm2 theme is installed, we use the solarized-dark color theme
  • Cut/paste are made to write/read from the clipboard (via pbcopy and pbpaste)
  • Mouse highlighting works via xTerm capabilities

Required iTerm 2 Configuration

  • Re-map left option key to +Esc
  • Untick Smart cursor color

Included libraries

The following libraries are included in non-attributable ways, i.e not via package install or via a Git submodule:

License and copyright

Copyright 2010-2012 Bradley Wright.

Files are licensed under the same license as Emacs (GPL) unless otherwise specified. See the COPYING file for more information.

Any external/third party works included in this work are licensed under their own licenses - refer to the submodules or packages for more information.