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WAassistant is a Web application serving for evaluating accessibility of Web
sites to handicapped users.  It is not just a test result reporting tool, it
tries to manage the whole testing process, including review of automated
testing results and testing by humans and making comprehensive reports on
accessibility properties of Web sites.

WAchecker is implemented on top of Roundup issue tracking system and WAchecker
accessibility testing library.

* Installation

The following pieces of software are required to run WAassistant:

- Roundup 0.8: A flexible issue tracking system available at .

- WAchecker 0.1: A Web accessibility checking library available at .

After installing the required software, unpack the downloaded WAassistant
tarball and copy it to the Roundup trackers directory
(e.g. /var/lib/roundup/trackers/ on Debian systems).  Then follow Roundup
tracker installation instructions to install WAassistant trackers.

* Documentation

You can find further information about WAassistant in its manual.  WAassistant
manual is in the doc/ subdirectory.  You can build its Info, PDF and HTML
versions by running `make info', `make pdf' and `make html' commands
respectively in the doc/ subdirectory.


Web application helping to evaluate Web site accessibility, implemented on top of Roundup issue tracker.







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