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brainfuck is an esoteric programming language with 8 very simple instructions.

The brain compiler only officially targets this brainfuck interpreter. You may experience varying results with other brainfuck interpreters/compilers. There really isn't a definitive spec on how brainfuck should behave so it is just easier to have a static compilation target that won't vary in how it behaves.

A brainfuck specification for this brainfuck interpreter is available in the file.


For people just looking to use brainfuck, the easiest way to get it right now is to first install the Cargo package manager for the Rust programming language.

Then in your terminal run:

cargo install brain-brainfuck

If you are upgrading from a previous version, run:

cargo install brain-brainfuck --force


For anyone just looking to run brainfuck code with the interpreter:

  1. Follow the installation instructions above
  2. Run brainfuck to run a brainfuck interpreter which will run your generated brainfuck code

For anyone looking to work with the interpreter source code:

To run brainfuck programs:

cargo run --bin brainfuck -- filename

where filename is the brainfuck program you want to run

Make sure you have rust and cargo (comes with rust) installed.


There are various brainfuck examples in the examples/ directory which you can run with the brainfuck interpreter using the instructions above.