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Rust is a systems programming language created by Mozilla. It is similar to C++, but is designed for improved memory safety without sacrificing performance.

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sharkdp commented Oct 3, 2020

With all the recent news about Hacktoberfest I thought it would be a good idea to point out good beginner issues that would be actually helpful for bat. In the past years, I have actually experienced Hacktoberfest as a really great event - both as a contributor as well as a maintainer.

As of recently, bat has a set of syntax highlighting regress

sharkdp commented May 25, 2020

I see a lot of fd users that seem to think that they need to add "{}" to all commands. Some users also seem to think that the closing semicolon (which needs to be escaped) \; is required:

fd … -x command "{}" \;

In reality, 90% of the --exec use cases can be written without the "{}" part (which fd adds, if it is ommitted) because the file entry often comes last. The semic

mzperix commented Sep 14, 2020

Describe the bug
I had some issues with some of the synonyms working and some not and it seems I managed to identify a bug.
It seems words with accents are not used from the synonym table (and/or the query is deaccentized before looking up synonyms (?))

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Add synonyms:

["case"]: ["holder"] --> works (searches for holder with queries

JosephTLyons commented Oct 17, 2020

Describe the bug
I was opening the main .toml file in the project root when I discovered this. Using the command:

open Cargo.toml | get bin | get required-features, produces both an output table, and an error:

> open Cargo.toml | get bin | get required-features
  0 │ textview   
  1 │ inc        
  2 │ ps         
  3 │ sys        
  4 │ fetch     
devjgm commented Jan 20, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Describe the solution you'd like
I'd like the source code to be automatically clang-formatted according to my settings anytime the code is compiled. That is, don't require me to use the contextual menu or keyboard shortcut to format the code. Just auto-format it; just like the code is auto-compiled too.

Well, ther

myfreeweb commented May 31, 2020

The image crate with default options is the absolute leader in code size:

 File  .text     Size Crate
 5.7%  14.6% 364.0KiB image
 4.6%  12.0% 297.3KiB wgpu_native
 3.8%   9.9% 246.5KiB std
 3.5%   8.9% 222.1KiB usvg
 2.6%   6.8% 170.0KiB iced_wgpu

I don't need to support ico, bmp, tga, hdr, dxt, dds, farbfeld and so on in a program that would only ever decode

thienpow commented Jul 9, 2020

it would be good to have
min-width, max-width <-- this 2 is good for PWA, if user resized it too small, it would become ugly.
maximized <-- this would be maximized on first load.

another thing would be, try delay webview resize when the host window resize, like how all the browser did, this would make sure PWA reflective size won't response immediately... current resize is seriously lagging

Created by Graydon Hoare

Released 2010


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