Comet client and server libraries for Node.js
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Node.js comet module (Beta!)


Use: node ./server.js To start chat example server

Client side:

  • constructor: new cometClent(server [string], anonymous [boolean]);
    • server: path to application like: or /server if you have routes
    • anonymous: set true if you don't want to remember users
  • onRecive(callback [function])
  • connect(data [object])
  • disconnect(data [object])
  • send(data [object])

Usage: var client=new cometClient('ajax-request-path');

client.onRecive(function(data) {
    // Recive an message

client.connect({text: 'Create data (unnessusary)'});

client.send({text: 'Sent data'});

Server side

  • constructor: new comet.server(timeout [integer]);
  • onRecive(user [object], callback [function])
  • onConnect(user [object], callback [function])
  • onDisconnect(user [object], callback [function])

Usage: var comet = require('./lib/comet');

var server = new comet.server(30000);

server.onRecive(function(user, data) { // New message from an user
    // Recive an message
    user.send({text: 'Message to current user'});

server.send('*',{text: 'Message to all users'});