Making the permission management for React components easier.
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Making the permission management for React components easier.

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react-permissible is a React Component allowing to:

  • manage visibility of particular components depending on users permissions
  • replace particular component when the user isn't permitted to see it
  • manage accessability to particular view depending on users permissions
  • fire a callback when the user isn't allowed to go to access the component/route


Currently there's no permission management in React. The existing components are either over-engineered (full ACL support etc.), or limited to role-based management. react-permissible is simple at its core and solves only one problem. Access the Component if the permissions match, do something otherwise.


npm i @brainhubeu/react-permissible


import { PermissibleRender } from '@brainhubeu/react-permissible';


render() {
  return (


  • userPermissions is an array of permissions set for current user
  • requiredPermissions is an array of required permissions

More detailed documentation with several use cases covered is available here.

Running tests

npm test


  • Passing a callback function as a prop for PermissibleRender component


React-permissible is copyright © 2014-2018 Brainhub It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.


react-permissible is maintained by @kkoscielniak, @adam-golab, @Lukasz-pluszczewski and the Brainhub development team. It is funded by Brainhub and the names and logos for Brainhub are trademarks of Brainhub Sp. z o.o.. You can check other open-source projects supported/developed by our teammates here.


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