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  1. Consider using this guiftw.swing/swing-quirks style sheet by default.

    Add support for toolkit-defined default stylesheet. (in parse-gui probably).

  2. Add function helpers for more convenient selecting objects at runtime. Like getting children of some object and selecting only those who belong to some group. (think of more)

  3. SWT: Add support for custom function running inside swt-loop to catch exceptions. Then user could write function like:

    (defn my-exception-handler [f]
      (try (f)
        (catch A a ...)
        (catch B b ...)
        (finally ...)))

    and invoke swt-loop like (swt-loop my-exception-handler)

    Alternative version: user writes only function that gets exceptions as a argument. (less likely, user have less control)

  4. Consider caching computed styles for objects.

    It'll preserve style in a map in gui state so we could reuse it later. Needed for custom adders (we need to know *adder property of parent when creating children -- not possible atm).

  5. Make easy to write components ('gui-creator'-like fns)

  6. Detect if child is a seq (at runtime, in gui-creator) and, eventually "add" all elements from it.