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A helper repository with libraries, modules, patches for our Drupal 8 media workshop ( ).

You can download a full copy of the state of the local demo site after the workshop:

To prepare for the workshop install a fresh Drupal 8.1.8 standard profile and then copy with overwrite the contents of this repository onto it.

on Linux or OS-X:

wget --no-check-certificate 
tar xzf drupal-8.1.8.tar.gz
wget --no-check-certificate
cd d8media-master && cp -a * ../drupal-8.1.8 && cd ../drupal-8.1.8
echo "Codebase ready for D8 media workshop. Install Drupal and join the workshop."

Outline of the workshop

Stage 1 media bundles

  • Drupal 8 core installation
  • Enabling media with dependencies + cex!
  • Creating media images, videos - media admin
  • Creating a gallery
  • Customizing the gallery slider
  • Vanilla slick - checked
  • Optionset main - Default
  • Skin main - Default
  • Cache - no caching
  • Override main optionset
  • Dots
  • Draggable
  • Infinite

Stage 2 re-use media

  • enable File browser
  • change the form display settings of the Image media bundle to Entity browser:
  • Browser for files (modal)
  • Uncheck the Display Remove button
  • Selection mode: Edit selection
  • add a media image field to the article content type
  • Set Form display to Entity browser + Gallery media library, Append to selection, Entity Display plugin: Rendered entity, View mode: Media Library
  • create / re-use images + upload with drag’n’drop

Stage 3 CKEDITOR embed

  • Add Media embed button
  • Entity browser: autocomplete
  • Add icons at text formats and editors
  • Display embedded entities CHECK
  • Restrict images to this site UNCHECK

Stage 4 responsive images + crop

  • Enable Drupalaton Crop Config
  • crop types, image styles, responsive image type
  • bonus round: add the responsive image widget to the entity browser

Stage 5 paragraphs

  • Enable Paragraphs demo
  • Show paragraph types
  • Create a paragraphed article
  • Change the form display of an image field in a paragraph type to Entity browser / File browser (modal)
  • - Happy Vincent?

Bonus example: config entity browsers, filter for media bundles.


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