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The Dialog plugin let you display, customize and manage easily 5 types of dialogs:

  • Multiple buttons PopUp dialog
  • Informative dialog
  • Calendar dialog
  • Sliding menu
  • Carousel

And new widget support:

  • UI button

Each dialog/Widget support a vast array of customization parameters to get the visual that will fit you app. The Dialog plugin is a CoronaLabs plugin.

Look at the documentation of how to use in the Wiki. A complete sample of how to use the plugin is in the folder testBraintonikPlugin.


  • v2.3 Add support to open the carousel at a specific page.
  • v2.2 Add support to change the color of the title and the text for the title and text in a Carousel page.
  • v2.1 Add support for left/center alignment for text/title in the Carousel/Info Dialog. Fix also a problem with the width of the button in the PopUpDialog when vertical mode is choosen. Add a new sample code as well that is more structure as the plugin is growing.
  • v2.0 Introduce the first UI widget : Button. Add also support for the Close button of the Carousel to be replaced by the new UI button.
  • v1.9 Carousel : Add more options to be notified when a user click on the close button or on some icon/images
  • v1.8 Carousel : Add ability to create a carousel with 4 types of visual templates and the ability to create custom one
  • V1.6 Calendar : Add ability to add space between previous and next button with classic-1 style (spaceBetweenPrevNextButton)
  • v1.5 Calendar : Add support for date with leading zero and the ability to change year with classic-3 templates
  • V1.4 Calendar : Add support for changing the color of a month in the calendar dialog (monthTextColor)
  • V1.3 added support for sliding menu
  • V1.2 Added support for calendar
  • V1.1 Added informative dialog support
  • V1.0 Initial release