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Plugin for phplist 3.x to view an email in a browser
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View in Browser Plugin


The plugin generates a page that displays a campaign email customised with subscriber and phplist placeholders, and link tracking. A placeholder, [VIEWBROWSER], is included in a campaign and is replaced by a link to the page when the email is created by phplist. Alternatively the placeholder [VIEWBROWSERURL] can be used for the URL of the page.

The plugin can also generate an anonymous page, where subscriber placeholders are removed.



Requires php version 5.4 or later.

This plugin requires the Common Plugin v3.6.3 or later to also be installed, and will not work without that. You must install that plugin or upgrade to the latest version if it is already installed. See

Requires the XSL extension to be included in php. You can verify this through phpinfo.

Set the plugin directory

The default plugin directory is plugins within the phplist admin directory but you can use a directory outside of the web root by changing the definition of PLUGIN_ROOTDIR in config.php. The benefit of this is that plugins will not be affected when you upgrade phplist.

Install through phplist

Install on the Plugins page (menu Config > Manage Plugins) using the package URL

In phplist releases 3.0.5 and earlier there is a bug that can cause a plugin to be incompletely installed on some configurations ( Check that these files are in the plugin directory. If not then you will need to install manually. The bug has been fixed in release 3.0.6.

  • the file ViewBrowserPlugin.php
  • the directory ViewBrowserPlugin

Then click the button to enable the plugin.

Install manually

Download the plugin zip file from

Expand the zip file, then copy the contents of the plugins directory to your phplist plugins directory. This should contain

  • the file ViewBrowserPlugin.php
  • the directory ViewBrowserPlugin

Then click the button to enable the plugin.

Install view.php (phplist 3.0.6 and earlier)

This step is necessary only for phplist releases 3.0.6 and earlier.

Copy the file view_3.0.6.php from the ViewBrowserPlugin directory to the phplist directory - this is usually /lists, and rename to view.php.

Amend .htaccess in the phplist directory to allow the file to be accessed. Change this line

<FilesMatch "(index.php|dl.php|ut.php|lt.php|download.php|connector.php)$">


<FilesMatch "(index.php|dl.php|ut.php|lt.php|download.php|connector.php|view.php)$">


For guidance on using the plugin see the plugin's page within the phplist documentation site


Please raise any questions or problems in the user forum


This plugin is free but if you install and find it useful then a donation to support further development is greatly appreciated.


Version history

version     Description
2.10.1+20181122 Change to the messages that a subscriber can view
2.10.0+20181023 Provide anonymous archive of emails sent to a list
2.9.6+20181015  German translation
2.9.5+20181015  Minor bug fix
2.9.4+20180918  Remove urls for sensitive placeholders for an anonymous page
2.9.3+20180419  Add description for the Plugins page
2.9.2+20180207  Add Spanish translation
2.9.1+20171220  Update dependency on Common Plugin
2.9.0+20171218  Use paging on the archive pages
2.8.0+20171206  Rework layout of campaign archive
2.7.1+20171120  Added Dutch translations
2.7.0+20171102  Add archive page and placeholders
2.6.0+20170604  Use dependency injection container
2.5.1+20170331  Remove placeholders when message is forwarded
2.5.0+20170204  Changes to link tracking for phplist 3.3.0
2.4.5+20160714  Convert text footer to html
2.4.4+20160120  Replace LOGO only for compatible versions of phplist
2.4.3+20151215  Correction for LOGO placeholder
2.4.2+20151214  Support LOGO placeholder
2.4.1+20151121  Update dependencies
2.4.0+20151119  Integration with other plugins
2.3.0+20151106  Suppress VIEWBROWSER link
                Minor bug fixes
2.2.0+20151018  Internal changes to use namespaced classes
2.1.3+20150916  Display [CONTENT] when used by Content Areas plugin
2.1.2+20150907  Fix problem introduced with previous change
2.1.1+20150906  Fix problem where default settings are not used
2.1.0+20150819  Display attachments with download links
2.0.1+20150817  Fix backslashes being displayed
2.0.0+20150815  Updated dependencies
2015-07-29      Allow additional attributes on the link <a> element
2015-06-25      Internal changes
2015-03-23      Change to autoload approach
2015-02-06      Use & as arg separator for http_build_query()
2014-11-18      Allow text to be translated
2014-10-14      Provide anonymous page, support sending campaign from a webpage
2014-10-02      Keep the original document type
2014-09-18      Handle embedded template images, allow other plugins to transform the email
2014-08-16      The view page is now a plugin public page for phplist 3.0.7
2014-08-09      Test for xsl extension being installed
2014-05-05      Added fromemail placeholder
2014-04-17      An email is now always personalised
2014-04-14      Support for click tracking and further placeholders
2014-04-12      Support for user tracking
2014-04-09      Added to GitHub
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