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Collection of links to Security stuff. Source found here. Sponsor this page on Patreon

For non-techie people

See this page


This information is gathered from public sources on (among others) Internet including Twitter, GitHub, various InfoSec blogs, sites etc. I have tried to provide source and acknowledgement to its originator as much as possible.

If you see any information that originated from you and you would like to have it removed, please notify me on Github or Twitter and describe the URL of this material in my repo, the source of this material, the reason to have it removed (eg. copyright claim) and a reasonable proof that you are the legitimate owner of this material.

Do NOT use this knowledge for any illegal activities and / or any activities that you do NOT have explicit authorization to do so. Failure to gain authorization BEFORE you even try to hack a system may result in prosecution and punishment in either confinement and / or fines.

Getting started

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Books & Film

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Courses & Certification

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Conference Days Where? Period Cost
Blackhat EU 4 London December £ 1400
Blackhat USA 6 Las Vegas August $ ??
Blackhat Asia 4 Singapore March $ 1900
Defcon 4 Las Vegas July / August $ 280
LocoMocoSec 5 USA, Hawai April $ 632 - 986
RSAConf USA 5 San Fransisco Feb / Mar / Apr $ 1795 - $ 2595
RSAConf Abu Dhabi (disc.?) 5 Abu Dhabi November $ ??
RSAConf Singapore 3 Singapore July
RSAC unplugged 1 London June
SecAppDev 5 Leuven, BE Februari € 2400
D3n H4ck 1 Den Haag, NL Juli Free
Tweakers 1 Var, NL Var € 15
Hack in the Box 5 Amsterdam, NL April / May € ??
Dutch Cyber Warfare Community part Var, NL Var Free
SHA2017 (name changes every time) 5 Var, NL 2021 ~€ 300
Chaos Communication Congress 5 Var, DE ? € ??


See Terminology

Bug Bounty platforms

Hacking way of working


Related subjects

Name drops


  • Edward Snowden
  • Emad Shanab: Ethical hacker & Lawyer. Posts lots of tools, repositories with resources, etc. on Twitter
  • Freaky Clown: Physical hacker and pentester, founder of Cygenta
  • Ian Spiro: Ethical hacker and founder of Vermont Secure Computing and rather experienced in Cryptocoins and blockchain tech at Synopsys Inc.
  • Jayson E Street: Hacker, physical pentester and social engineer, VP InfoSec at SphereNY
  • Jessica Barker: Co-founder of Cybenta and expert on human / psychological side of info-sec
  • Jim Manico: Ethical hacker and secure coding instructor, founder of Manicode Security, Java champion. Hawaiian goodguy and organizer of LocoMocoSec
  • Joanna Rutkowska: Founder of Invisible Things Lab and QubesOS, (reasonable) Secure OS for PCs. Rootkit expert and designer of Blue Pill, the x86 virtualization rootkit.
  • Kevin Mitnick: Whistler of ICBM launch codes, security consultant and the world's most famous hacker and social engineer. Was once most wanted by FBI
  • Mike Pound: Lecturer and teacher at Computer Science Nottingham University and security expert on Computerphile Youtube channel
  • Random Robbie: Ethical hacker sometimes on BBC and ZDNet
  • Scott Helme: Founder of Security Headers and Report URI and Ethical hacker, regularly on BBC
  • Troy Hunt: Famous for starting Have I been Pwned, a very active speaker and blogger on security, data-breaches, responsible disclosures, but also professional ethics in general
  • Tanya Janca: Cloud advocate at Microsoft and active in AppSec, OWASP, Azure, DevSecOps and WoSEC chapter leader


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