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Homebrew web font tools

brew tap bramstein/webfonttools
brew install woff2

Or install any of the following formulas with brew install <formula>:

  • afdko: The Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType.
  • sfnt2woff: Tool for converting TrueType and OpenType font files to WOFF made by Jonathan Kew. This installs two utilities sfnt2woff to compress and woff2sfnt to decompress.
  • sfnt2woff-zopfli: Modified version of sfnt2woff that uses the Zopfli compression algorithm (2-5% better compression than standard WOFF). This installs two utilities sfnt2woff-zopfli to compress and woff2sfnt-zopfli to decompress.
  • woff2: WOFF2 compression and decompression utilities by Google. This installs two utilities woff2_compress to compress and woff2_decompress to decompress.
  • ttf2eot: Tool for converting TrueType font files to the embedded OpenType format (EOT). Does not include MTX compression. The installed utility is called ttf2eot.
  • sfntly: Google's subsetting and font conversion tools. This will install two utilities called sfnttool and fontinfo. The sfnttool utility performs subsetting and can also create WOFF and EOT files. The fontinfo utility shows you information about a font.
  • fonttools: TTX/fonttools (this package is now in homebrew-core, you can brew install it without this tap).
  • ots: OpenType sanitiser


So which tool should you use to create web fonts? I recommend the following because they create the smallest possible font files:

  • WOFF2: Use woff2.
  • WOFF: Use sfnt2woff-zopfli if you're generating static files, use sfnt2woff or fonttools if you're dynamically generating WOFF files.
  • EOT: Use sfntly's sfnttool with the -e and -x options to generate compressed EOT files.


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