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A lua interface to a instance meant for Corona SDK applications
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Corona - Countly

Countly is a fantastic open source stat tracking application and a good alternative for those wishing to take control of their own statistical data produced from apps.

Countly-Corona is a lua interface to enabling you to use it in your Corona SDK applications.

Getting Set Up

  1. Corona-Countly uses GGData to aid with disk caching when offline. Clone that repository and copy GGData.lua into a subdirectory of your Corona application called util.
  2. Copy countly.lua into the util directory as well

When you are done, your files should look like this:

  |- GGData.lua
  |- countly.lua

Using The Countly Module

First, import the countly module into main.lua

local Countly = require("util.countly")

Then initialize counlty with your application key and url


Tracking Events

Again, make sure that the countly module is imported for any file you want to track an event for.

local Countly = require("util.countly")

Then use one of the following methods:

Countly:recordEventCount(key, count)
Countly:recordEventCountSum(key, count, sum)
Countly:recordEventCountSegmentation(key, count, segmentation)
Countly:recordEventCountSumSegmentation(key, count, sum, segmentation)

Here is an example of each:

-- Simple count
Countly:recordEventCount("game_started", 1)

-- Simple sum
Countly:recordEventCountSum("time_spent_hacking", 1, 13.37)

-- Using segmentation
Countly:recordEventCountSegmentation("choose_your_player", 1, { ["player"] = "Mario" }) 

Known Issues

  • App Version: I wasn't sure how to determine this with Corona
  • Carrier: I wasn't sure how to determine this

If you know how to determine either above, I'd really appreciate a pull request.

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