Open source Java library for on-line vehicle tracking, path estimation and parameter learning.
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This library contains a set of tools for tracking objects through GPS data real-time.
Specifically, it contains implementations of Bayesian particle filters for on-road and off-road 2D motion and state-parameter estimation.

The generic api uses a graph and some observations to produce sequential filtered results, which infer the true location, velocity, their variances, the street it's on/the path it took. Extensions in this library include the ability to estimate parameters, like GPS and acceleration errors. See for a better description.

To get started, you can build an OpenTripPlanner graph by specifying coordinate boundaries for OpenStreetMap data, then running the TraceRunner in open-tracking-tools-otp over a CSV file. (See for more information about OTP graph building.) An example xml build file for an OTP graph can be found in the open-tracking-tools-otp project, as well as an example TraceRunner config file.

Another example of a graph is, which takes simple JTS geometry objects.

There is also a simulator that will produce observations for testing. See for a complete example of graph construction, simulation and filtering.