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Power Polygon


Power Polygon is the tool that will allow you to create impressive presentations with many different themes and transitions, based in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, running in your browser.

Maintainer: Felipe Moura

You can create a new theme, or customise an existing one. Also, creating new transitions is quite simple!

Watch the Video:

Video - meet Power Polygon

Quick docs

To use it, just unzip it(or clone it) under a server(like apache) and access it in your browser. But, if you want to use all the tools, you can use nodejs by running, in the unziped(or cloned) directory:

$ npm install

A token will be asked, type a word that you will not forget very easily. Then, to run it, all you gotta do is:

$ sudo node run.js

Done, now, access http://localhost:8081/. To create your talk, check the documentation below.

In case you have some trouble installing it due to a node-gyp error, try this:

npm install node-gyp -g


For detailed information and documentation, please read the wiki:

See a live demo

You can access this address and see a live demo of some of the main tools PowerPolygon provides you. Live demo Presentation in Power Polygon

Get involved

  • For PowerPolygon, test it and share your opinion and experience with us!
  • Send your feedback, ideas or suggestions!
  • Report bugs adding issues with the label bug.
  • Want to code and create new features, send us a pullrequest :)

Who is behind it

This project was initially created by Felipe N. de Moura and soon added to BrazilJS Foundation's project. It's an open source project and the community and committers/forkers are always welcome! Check the committers to see the credits for the created themes and transitions!

Support or Contact

Having trouble? Or new ideas? Discuss it with us in the BrazilJS mail list. Also, feel free to propose new issues.


List of licenses