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#BreakTheBlock hackathon repo

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This repo contains all the information which was used to run hackathon held at Simply Business during 21st ~ 23rd July.


The main aim of the hackathon was for participants to brainstorm and come up with blockchain use case in the context of insurance.

The insurance market is inherently closed community and it is rare that their technical detail will be opened in the public environment.

To encourage transparent discussion and feedback loop, we mandated all the participants to use GitHub Issues describing their problem descriptions and link to their repos. Each participant were encouraged to push the code throughout the hackathon so that mentors and judges had a chance to look into their code honoring the sprit of hackathon (compared to the recent trend of pitching concept without any codes).

One hour before the pitch started, the code was put into freeze and the organiser forked their code under the organisation. The intention was to capture the snapshot of the results and make the forked version available to general public. After the hackathon, it is up to each participating team to continue as open source or move into closed source.

See HACKATHON for more detail about the entire process.


On Saturday morning, technical sponsors gave a series of workshops ranging from Solidity 101 to connecting IoT devices.

YouTube playlist


10 teams competed with addition of 2 sponsor teams from Travelers and Accenture (sponsors were not competing for the prize). Each team had 5 min to pitch followed by a few minutes Q&A.

YouTube playlist

Team Project Repo Description Video/Slide Notes
Breaker of Chains Breaker of Chains (Fork) Micro-insurance for mobile devices by day. An AI will be used to determine a broken screen, and pay outs. YouTube Sponsor team from Travelers
Cryptinsure Cryptinsure (Fork) 'Fat finger' mistypes can be a big issue for new users who start sending transactions on the Ethereum network. The lack of checksums for addresses can mean that significant amounts of Ether may get sent to random or non-existent accounts. We propose to create a smart contract users can opt in to which allows them to insure against mis-typed addresses whether in the hex format, or as an ENS address. YouTube Sponsor team from Accenture
Coders Without Insurance Insure Your Festival (Fork) Insured with us ensures you will never be in a bad mood when it rains. Our motto: "When it rains, we make it rain!" YouTube Slide Winner
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies My Claim Dossier (Fork) There is no way to reliably obtain claim history of a customer at the moment, for insurers this causes problems such as not being able to correctly price a policy. If all claim history is on the blockchain (encrypted), insurers can use that for better pricing. This solution would also help customers switch between insurers, as they will be able to easily prove their claim history and get a good quote. New insurers will be able enter the market as there will be an incentive to switch insurers. YouTube Best Blockchain and Best Concept
PoolSurETH PoolSurETH (Fork) PoolSurETH is a Decentralized Insurance Configurator applied to any travel field (flights, trains, cruises etc...), potentially using any investing and reward scheme and connecting via any Ethereum Oracle. YouTube
Mobinsure Mobinsure (Fork) Peer to peer insurance of stolen mobile phones. YouTube
Sure Fair SureFair (Fork) SureFair hosts syndicated funds for each category of (insurable) asset type. Each syndicate is crowdsourced by a pool of underwriters (investors). We have provided two example asset classes -for crop insurance and Mac-Book laptop insurance. YouTube Best Code
Claimless Claimless (Fork) No claim bonuses are locked to insurers and insurance types. YouTube
ICOsurance ICOsurance (Fork) The project is aimed to provide the insurance solution to ICO investors against possible losses due to cyber-attacks during the ICO process. YouTube Best Use Case
SimplyHackers Claims Vault (Fork) Self service platform for third-party claim submission YouTube
p2pinsure p2pinsure (Fork) peer to peer cooperative (mutual) insurance YouTube
Re-x Re-x (Fork) Increasing efficiency in reinsurance markets to lower costs,democratizing reinsurance markets to increase investor participation and better pricing through policy transparency with the goal of increasing the reach of insurance products to emerging markets. YouTube Most Sophisticated Insurance Product