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Breezy (brz) is a decentralized revision control system, designed to be easy for developers and end users alike.

By default, Breezy provides support for both the Bazaar and Git file formats.

You can install from source by following the instructions in the INSTALL file. At the moment of writing there are no binary packages available.

To learn how to use Breezy, see the official documentation in the doc directory or refer to the Bazaar documentation at <>.

Breezy is Free Software, and is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

Breezy is a friendly fork of the Bazaar (bzr) project, hosted on It is backwards compatibility with Bazaar's disk format and protocols. One of the key differences with Bazaar is that Breezy runs on Python 3, rather than on Python 2.

Breezy highlights

Breezy directly supports both central version control (like cvs/svn) and distributed version control (like git/hg). Developers can organize their workspace in whichever way they want on a per project basis including:

  • checkouts (like svn)
  • feature branches (like hg)
  • shared working tree (like git).

It also directly supports and encourages a large number of development best practices like refactoring and pre-commit regression testing. Users can choose between our command line tool and our cross-platform GUI application. For further details, see our website.


If you encounter any problems with Breezy, need help understanding it, or would like to offer suggestions or feedback, please get in touch with us:

Our mission is to make a version control tool that developers LOVE to use and that casual contributors feel confident with. Please let us know how we're going.

The Breezy Team