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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This was written to deal with in
# It describes a fixed-width format file.
# This is probably really limited for the format.
sas2tsv [option] data.dat [field1 field2...]
-d output just the schema as JSON.
-h output just the header as TSV.
Otherwise, convert input data to TSV, outputting specified fields.
If no fields specified, do all of them.
import sys,os,re
import tsvutil;tsvutil.fix_stdio()
def parse_sas_schema(sas_schema):
input_block ='\s* INPUT \s+ ( [^;]* );'.replace(' ',''), sas_schema, re.M).group(1)
inputs = input_block.strip().split('\n')
inputs = [L.strip() for L in inputs if L.strip()]
field_info = {}
all_fields = []
for input in inputs:
if '$' in input:
field,char_range = input.split('$')
field = input
field = field.strip()
field_info[field] = {}
char_range = char_range.strip()
if char_range:
start,end = char_range.strip().split('-')
start,end = int(start), int(end)
field_info[field]['range'] = (start-1, end)
label_block ='^\s* LABEL \s+ ( [^;]* );'.replace(' ',''), sas_schema, re.M).group(1)
labels = label_block.strip().split('\n')
labels = [L.strip() for L in labels if L.strip()]
for label_line in labels:
field,label ='([^=]+)=(.*)',label_line).groups()
label = label.strip()
field_info[field]['label'] = label
return all_fields, field_info
dump_schema = '-d' in sys.argv
if dump_schema:
just_header = '-h' in sys.argv
if just_header:
sas_schema = sys.argv[1]
sas_schema = open(sas_schema).read()
sas_schema = re.sub('/\* .*? \*/'.replace(' ',''), '', sas_schema)
all_fields, field_info = parse_sas_schema(sas_schema)
if dump_schema:
import json
print json.dumps({'all_fields':all_fields, 'field_info':field_info}, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
if just_header:
print '\t'.join(all_fields)
data = sys.stdin if sys.argv[2]=='-' else open(sys.argv[2])
keys = sys.argv[3:] or all_fields
key_ranges = [field_info[k]['range'] for k in keys]
print '\t'.join(keys)
for line in data:
values = [line[s:e] for s,e in key_ranges]
print '\t'.join(values)