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Reference implementation of Quack
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Duck long-term network latency tester

How to use

  • Find your binary and run from the command line as administrator/root (for ICMP listener)
  • Build from source with go build
    • Mac/Linux
      • Run duck with sudo ./duck <target_ip>
    • Windows
      • Run duck from administrator command prompt with duck.exe <target_ip>


Image of Duck in Mac Terminal image of Duck in Browser


  • Be a better, in-place replacement for terminal ping command
  • Capture high latency events in the background and make them clear on review


  • In-terminal ASCII latency charting
  • Colorization of latency in terminal (Mac and Linux only)
  • Statistics printed every 30 seconds
  • Live web dashboard for visualizing latency over extended tests
    • Long-term chart with 30-second averaged samples
    • Short-term chart (last 10 minutes) with live results
    • Traceroute results
    • Traceroute Path tracking with latency averaging
    • Individual traceroute host tracking with latency averaging and incident counting
  • Keeps history of ping performance older than 10 minutes as derezzed 30-second sample averages
  • Traceroute performed every 30 seconds
    • Paths stored and path traversal tracked
    • Host DNS lookup
    • Average and Max latency tracked over time
  • Stores pings, paths, and hosts to JSON files every minute


  • Derezzing of ping results after 10 minutes
    • Exception to derezzeing is any high-latency event, with 5 minutes of high resolution context on either side
  • Variable control from WebUI
    • Payload size
    • Latency threshold adjustments
  • Jitter visualization
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