An Alien themed Linux "greeting card" ISO image
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This repository contains scripts which build an Alien themed Linux ISO image, suitable for burning to a flash drive or DVD. The booted operating system has:

  • Custom boot splash screen
  • Startup noises from the movie
  • Spaceship sounds from the movie
  • Intermittent monster sounds from Alien: Isolation
  • Pre-configured, auto-starting "cool-retro-term" which looks like the CRT screens found in the movie and game
  • A program that emulates the "personal terminal" application found in Alien: Isolation

You can find a download of this ISO on my website, along with some screenshots of the different components and a rough overview of how it works.

Build your own

It should be possible to build yourself, provided that you have a computer running Arch Linux.

  1. You should have base-devel and archiso installed. Also, you should have sudo configured.
  2. Run ./mkalieniso. You will be prompted by sudo for your password.
  3. ISO is located in profile/out
  4. You can clean things up with sudo rm -rf aur customrepo profile

Each time you run the script, a full rebuild is triggered (except for building AUR packages). This is difficult to avoid. Pull requests welcome :)


This is built on top of archiso. Read that first. Below are a few items you may want to customize if you were to build this yourself.

Change username

The current username is ripley. You can change it by editing the following files:

  • master/airootfs/root/
  • master/airootfs/var/local/lightdm.conf
  • master/airootfs/etc/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service.d/autologin.conf

(A simple grep -r ripley . ought to show you any occurrence you may want to change)

Change alien-console text

The alien-console currently just shows some lorem-ipsum placeholder stuff. Check out the alien-console repo for the configuration file format. You can place a configuration file and its associated text files within master/airootfs/etc/alien-console/. This should take precedence over the default one installed in /usr/share/alien-console.

You can also include any configuration file anywhere in the filesystem, and then make a bash alias which points to alien-console path/to/config.conf.


Check out alien-console, which was made for this.


Boot screen Console splash screen Console main screen