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Dead-simple (no, really) deployment DSL created with git in mind.
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Gitploy: dead-simple deployment DSL created with git in mind

Why yet another deployment solution?

  • Because Capistrano is bloated
  • Because, no, I don't want to use rake for deployment, thank you
  • Because I'm sick of having to jump through flaming hoops just to tweak the arguments of some stupid command
  • Because I want something bare minimum, git-based, and dead-simple
  • Because I felt like it

Gitploy was created to do dead-simple git-push based deployments. It doesn't use rake, it doesn't require git hooks, it just does the bare minimum. It's so minimal, in fact, that it doesn't even come with its own "recipe" - Gitploy is actually just a DSL to quickly define your own deployment strategy. No hooks, very little behind-the-scenes magic - it just does what you tell it to.

Example config/gitploy.rb

require 'gitploy/script'

configure do |c|
  c.path = '/var/www/fooapp'

  stage :staging do = ''
    c.user = 'ninja'

  stage :production do = ''
    c.user = 'deployer'

setup do
  remote do
    run "mkdir -p #{config.path}"
    run "cd #{config.path} && git init"
    run "git config --bool receive.denyNonFastForwards false"
    run "git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore"

deploy do
  remote do
    run "cd #{config.path}"
    run "git reset --hard"
    run "bundle install --deployment"
    run "touch tmp/restart.txt"


$ gem install gitploy
# create config/deploy.rb
$ gitploy production setup
$ gitploy production


Gitploy is super alpha - don't use it yet, unless you're just that baller. Are you?

Known issues

  • Not enough documentation
  • DSL implementation is pretty dumb and needs refactoring
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