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This is very old and I have not touched it for a while. You probably do not want to use this.

Sinatra Starter App

What is it

A Sinatra app bootstrap that might be useful for quick apps, maybe for hackathons. It includes several ruby gems and javascript libraries I enjoy working with. What it does for you:

  • OmniAuth integration
  • SASS and CoffeeScript compilation
  • Sane directory structure
  • A barebones User model, persisted with DataMapper. Includes a TokenPair model as well, to handle refresh tokens with Google OAuth2
  • JavaScript libraries: Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, Jasmine, Moments
  • Some simple style defaults: CSS3 Github-style buttons by Nicolas Gallagher, and the 'Sea Farer' typography theme by Russ Maschmeyer
  • Rack-flash-enabled flash messages (was surprised to find that this is not a default in Sinatra)
  • Rails style view helpers (content_for, form builder, etc) with the padrino-helpers gem.

What I would like to see added

  • Asset compilation & concatenation for production
  • Headless JavaScript spec runner from the command line

What I don't like about it

  • I'd prefer not to use the name Controller for my separate pieces of the Sinatra app, but I can't think of any better name for it right now.

Use it

  1. Install dependencies: bundle install. Ensure you have a sqlite library installed that is compatible with DataMapper.
  2. Replace all occurrences of StarterApp with your app name.
  3. Start the app with rake server and navigate to localhost:4567
  4. Build your thing. You can use rake server:auto_reload to start up Rack with Shotgun. This will automatically reload the app on each HTTP request.

Run the tests

  • Ruby: Uses Rspec, so just do rspec spec
  • JavaScript: Uses Jasmine, start the server up and navigate to localhost:4567/test-js/SpecRunner.html

Tested with: Ruby 1.9.3p0