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Reads this smart BMS,, using an Arduino Mega256, but there are options within code to us an arduino UNO, with SoftwareSerial. I am still experimenting with it. Registers found with trial and error. Mosfet control is now available, using the serial monitor. con= Charge Mosfet ON. coff= Charge Mosfet OFF. don= DisCharge Mosfet ON. doff= DisCharge Mosfet OFF. Temperatures of the probes now displayed, 2 of them balance of the cells is shown. Max, and Min and Diff and Average.

This Balance control is fairly useless. Balance control, same as JBDTools bodd= balance odd cells beven= balance even cells Close, effecively stops balancing, but only as long as no Mosfet controls are actioned, otherwise it effectively runs EXIT, same issue appears on JBDTools. exit= exit

But, the Balance ON and OFF is now an option. Also the switch option if you use it.

I used this TTL UART Module Converter , originally to connect to my PC. It was cheaper than the one offered by ali seller.

I was provided this link from the supplier of my BMS So, it's an Arduino UNO, cables from the BMS, with balance socket facing you, on the left hand side, the communication connector, is from bottom to top. Gnd, Rx, Tx. connect these to the arduino, Gnd to Gnd, if you use SoftwareSerial, Rx to pin 11, Tx to pin 10, but can be changed. That way I can see the output from the Serial.print commands, and later using something like coolterm, save this data and analyse it. This is to be used in my other project, so I wont control using serial monitor myself, I will be using other data to make the switch overs, as and when required. This program allows you to test the smart bms and see the control codes to make the changes.


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