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375d798 Jun 2, 2017
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import asyncio
from typing import Any, Mapping, Tuple
import aiohttp
from . import abc as gh_abc
class GitHubAPI(gh_abc.GitHubAPI):
def __init__(self, session: aiohttp.ClientSession, *args: Any,
**kwargs: Any) -> None:
self._session = session
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
async def _request(self, method: str, url: str, headers: Mapping,
body: bytes = b'') -> Tuple[int, Mapping, bytes]:
async with self._session.request(method, url, headers=headers,
data=body) as response:
return response.status, response.headers, await
async def sleep(self, seconds: float) -> None:
await asyncio.sleep(seconds)