Collection of Python modules for EEG analysis. Includes EDF+ and BDF loaders, scalp plots and commonly used spatial filters.
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EEGtools is a set of Python libraries for EEG analysis. Most of the code was developed as a part of the PhD work of Boris Reuderink in the form of the library Psychic. EEGtools is the successor of Psychic, and does not attempt to provide a framework for analysis, but rather a small set of well-tested functions for scientific EEG analysis.


EEGtools is currently in alpha phase. That said, code in the master branch is thoroughly tested, and probably existed in Psychic. For versioning we use semantic versioning.

Planned features:

  • Examples!
  • Importing of BDF and GDF file formats.
  • Publication-ready visualisation of topographic activation (scalp plots)
  • PARAFAC tensor decomposition for summarization of tensors (higher order arrays).


  • Added various spatial filters (common spatial patterns), channel selection, whitening and the common average reference.
  • Added functions for feature extraction (windowing, spectral estimation, filtering, narrow-band covariance tensors).



The preferred method of installation is using PIP. The latest development version can be installed with:

$ pip install git+ --user

The latest stable release can be installed with:

$ pip install eegtools --user