Shell snippets to auth and send remote control commands to Sony Bravia TVs
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You need to set your TV to use a pre-shared key.

  1. Navigate to: [Settings] → [Network] → [Home Network Setup] → [IP Control]
  2. Set [Authentication] to [Normal and Pre-Shared Key]
  3. There should be a new menu entry [Pre-Shared Key]. Set it to 0000. If you choose anything else, you need to change the PSK in the script.


  1. Run TV_IP_HERE to get an overview of the commands possible.
  2. Run TV_IP_HERE ONE_COMMAND_HERE. A command looks like AAAAAQAAAAEAAABgAw==.
  3. The TV will execute the command and immediately return. If you want to navigate through menus, you'll have to manually sleep until the TV has finished the command/animation.

See on how to build your automations.

Have fun!

More detailed explanation

The original blog post describes how to figure this out in general:

StefanPuntNL figured out how to use it with a Pre-Shared-Key, which is much simpler: