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Releases: brewster76/fuzzy-archer

Live Charts and Gauges

29 May 12:50
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New Live Charts tab shows all your readings in real time. No need to refresh the webpage!

Big thanks to @mKainzbauer.

Added color scales to history page for Fahrenheit end inches units.

Tested with Weewx 4.8.0

Weewx 4.7.0

06 Mar 22:49
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Weewx version

This release requires Weewx 4.7.0

What's Changed

  • Fixed issue where alternate language text was not displayed in Weewx later than 4.5.1
  • Norwegian language, thanks to @aslak47
  • Installer for the extension now works with Python 3

Full Changelog: v2.26...v2.27

Weewx 4.0.0

09 May 14:30
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Migrated to Python 3.6.
Tested with Weewx 4.0.0.

More languages, more colours

20 Oct 20:42
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Can now change foreground colour as well as background in history reports.
Multi needle gauges.
Korean language added.
More HTML5-like.

Tested with Weewx 3.7.1

03 Oct 19:47
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More translations added.
Tested with Weewx 3.5.0 and 3.7.1.

Days of rain

28 Jan 21:27
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History tables now support conditional aggregate types (e.g. days when rain exceeded 1 mm).
Installation instructions updated for Weewx 3.3+.

Weewx 3.2.0

19 Jul 07:53
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Supports Weewx 3.2.0 extension installer.
Bug fix (division by zero error in gauge generation).

More translations, smoother graphs

07 Feb 21:04
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German and Italian translations added.
Supports anti-aliased graphs to make them look nicer (Weewx v3.1 required).
Removed public_html directory from repository. Any files that are needed there will be copied from skins/Bootstrap directory automatically.

Multi languages, prettier gauges

03 Feb 16:47
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Gauges now anti aliased.
Can easily switch to other languages (currently Spanish and French) using installer.
Can zoom into graphs again.

Much more robust

15 Jan 14:59
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Much more robust Pre-release

Much improved history tables. now database independent and handle different units and formats better.
Better error catching everywhere.
Fixes bug with NOAA table of links sometimes not appearing.