Delete google calendar entries created at a specified creation time
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Google Calendar Undo Import

Accidently imported an .ics into the wrong calendar? Unfortunately, Google hasn't provided a solution to undoing calendar imports. If you've imported the .ics into a primary calendar you will not be able to fix the issue even by reuploading the same .ics with every entry labelled as CANCELLED (i.e. STATUS:CANCELLED).

This tool allows you to choose any calendar and remove all entries specified created at a specified time. Firstly you will be asked to chose a calendar. Then you will be asked to choose an entry from the calendar that reflects the time. For example, if you chose the entry "MATH2001" which was created on Jan 1 2015 5:31pm, then all entries in that calendar created at exactly Jan 1 2015 5:31pm will be deleted.

Getting Started