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An Open-source Plate Reader
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OSP: An Open-source Plate Reader


OSP is a low-cost open-source plate reader built out of the Chow Lab and the George H. Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace at the University of Pennsylvania. The software provided in this repository is required to access the full functionailty of a built OSP device. For information regarding how to build this device and details about how it works, please refer to the ACS: BioChemistry manuscript available at this LINK.


The repository is divided into two main components: (1) Hardware & (2) Software


    All the files required for assembly of the OSP device are in this folder. All the instructions on how to assemble the OSP device can be found in the ASSEMBLY FILES directory.


    All the files for installation and execution of the OSP software are in this folder. The full Software Guide can be found here as a PDF.

      • Data - Folder where all data from the OSP device is saved as .xlsx files.
      • Protocols - Folder where any protocol sequence is saved.
      • Screens - Python files for all GUI screens
      • System Settings - Folder where are all files associated with settings are contained.
      • Raspberry Pi Image - Contains the link to the Raspberry-Pi image file.
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