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A Find In Project plugin for TextMate
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A replacement for TextMate’s Find In Project

Aim: Provide the speed of git-grep (or normal grep) to TextMate projects.




In the beginning you had to stare at the beachball while TextMate searched synchronously through your project. Crashes occurred whenever it encountered a large file or was bored. Then came the grep bundles. They were good, but unfortunately they suffered the limitations of the TextMate bundle system.

nice_find is a TextMate plugin that is written in Objective C and interacts directly with TextMate. It uses grep (or git-grep where available). As a result it is faster, more intuitive, and has a native look and feel that is the envy of all the bundles.


Download the bundle here extract and double click on it to install it in TextMate. Or build it in xcode and it will be installed by the build script.

In a TextMate project, hit command-shift-f and use the find dialog normally.


No replace support yet, but soon.
No support for multi-line regular expressions yet, but also soon.

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