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Contribute to Normalize.css

There are two main ways that you can contribute.

Report issues

The best way to report an issue you have come across:

  1. Check if the issue has already been reported. If it has been, please comment on the existing issue.

  2. Check if the issue has already been fixed on the latest master branch.

  3. Include a reduced test case using jsFiddle.

Please try to be as detailed as possible in your report too. What is your environment? What steps will reproduce the issue? What browser(s) and OS experience the problem? What would you expect to be the outcome. All these details will to assess and fix any potential bugs.

Contribute code

First, head over to the Issues tab. Check for any open or closed issues relevant to what you're interested in working on. If your contribution involves a significant amount of work or substantial changes to any part of the project, please open an issue first to check that the work is wanted or matches the goals of the project. For more details, please read: How to properly contribute to open source projects on GitHub.

The best way to get your work merged into the project:

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Clone your fork ( git clone<username>/normalize.css.git ).
  3. Add an upstream remote (git remote add upstream git://
  4. Get the latest changes from upstream (git pull upstream master).
  5. Create a new topic branch to contain your feature, change, or fix ( git checkout -b topic-name ).
  6. Make sure that your changes adhere to the current coding conventions used throughout the project - indentation, accurate comments, etc.
  7. Update the timestamp at the top of the file. You MUST do this.
  8. Commit your changes in logical chunks. Please adhere to these git commit message guidelines or your Pull Request will not be merged into the main project.
  9. Push the branch up to your fork ( git push origin topic-name ).
  10. Open a Pull Request with a clear title and description. Please mention which browsers you tested in.

If you have any other questions about contributing, please feel free to contact me.

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