Getting Started

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YCSB is a framework for benchmarking systems. By itself, it is not particularly useful; only when you add code to interface with a data serving system is it useful. Each YCSB release contains code to interface with various DB bindings, here are some examples:

Refer to [the release notes of the latest version] ( for a complete list of DBs supported.

It is straightforward to interface with other database systems - see Adding a Database.

1. Obtain YCSB

If you'll be running on Windows, please start by referencing our prerequisites for Windows.

Download the latest version:

curl -O --location
tar xfvz ycsb-0.14.0.tar.gz
cd ycsb-0.14.0

Or clone the git repository and build:

git clone git://
mvn clean package

Systems may have additional requirements for running clients. For example, HBase requires the client be able to contact Zookeeper. See HBase Fully Distributed Quickstart Guide for HBase-specific instructions. Some details are listed in Using the Database Libraries.

You will be using the ycsb command to interact with YCSB. Run:


to see the usage.

2. Now, run a workload

See Running a Workload.

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