A Gulp/Babel boilerplate for Squarespace
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A Gulp/Babel boilerplate for Squarespace. This build tool will:

  • Transpile and concatenate ES6 into browser compatible ES5
  • Preprocess and concatenate Modern versions of LESS see notes
  • Auto-prefix your CSS with browser vendor prefixes
  • Upload all changed files via SFTP to your dev site

Editable files

  • src

    • less - Put all your .less files in here!
    • js - Put all your ES6 / JS files in here!
  • gulp-sftp-auth.js - Your SFTP credentials go here, in strings. Add this file to .gitignore

Step 1: Clone your template repository

Create a new site on Squarespace, flip on Developer Mode, and clone the repository

Step 2: Clone this repository

Make sure you have node and npm installed.

Then, from within your template directory:

git clone https://github.com/brianjcarroll/squarespace_gulp.git && cd squarespace_gulp && npm install

Step 3: Enter your SFTP credentials

Open up gulp-sftp-auth.js and fill out your username, password, and remote-path

The username and password is what you used to sign up for Squarespace The remote path is the identifier of your site. If your URL is http://bcarroll.squarespace.com then the identifier is /bcarroll/. Include the slashes.

Step 4: Open up the Command Line

Make sure you have gulp installed globally.

gulp -- This will watch all files, and transpile / preprocess, and upload via SFTP as necessary

gulp upload -- This will upload all relevant Squarespace files to your site in one go.


This is important. In order for all of this to work, you must do a few things.

First, open up template.conf and add 'main.css' to the stylesheets array. This file, main.css, is the preprocessed, concatenated CSS file generated from all the .less files in your src/less folder.

Second, open up site.region (or wherever you include your script tags), and add this to the bottom:

<squarespace:script src="main.js" combo="false"></script>

Don't touch anything in your styles or scripts folder from here on out - they are automatically built by gulp!

Squarespace uses a custom LESS compiler, which does not have all the same versions of the current versions of LESS. This build tool allows you to use custom LESS instead.

Good luck :-)