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command line utilities for the phonegap project

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PhoneGap Developer

Command line utilities for PhoneGap.

  • source installation
  • app generation
  • app debugging
  • app packaging
  • system reporting


phonegap --generate path/to/MyFreshApp 
phonegap --build path/to/MyFreshApp
phonegap --report path/to/MyFreshApp
phonegap --install


-h, --help ......... Displays help message.
-i, --install ...... Installs the PhoneGap source into ~/.phonegap
-v, --version  ..... Display the version and then exit.
-g, --generate ..... Generates a PhoneGap application skeleton. 
-b, --build ........ Compiles your PhoneGapp application for supported platforms.
-r, --report ....... Generates a report for supported SDK's.

Thank you to the various PhoneGap hackers whom make this script possible

  • Rob Ellis
  • Brock Whitten
  • Dave Johnson
  • Joe Bowser
  • Shazron Abdullah
  • Fil Maj

This project makes use of other awesome tools such as...

iPhone Simulator
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