Windows Installation Guide

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For Windows XP/Vista/7, check the Visual Studio 2010 setup recommendations in node-gyp

Also, see here:

Because it wasn't obvious to me what to do once things actually worked, take the contextify.node file from build/Release/ (or /build/Debug/) and put it in a folder named "contextify" under the node_modules folder for your copy of node or the package you are using.

12/31/2013: It is not that difficult as long as you have Python 27 installed, the PATH points to it and you have the necessary Visual Studio setup. I installed on Windows 7 x64. Checkout this link as well:

07/22/2014: MSB8008: Specified platform toolset is not installed or invalid. This link could be helpful:

Potentially helpful issues:

08/16/2014: IMHO, it is not a good idea to refer people to another links for this specify issue. The critical problem to me is that I have visual 2013 installed(v120), but node-gyp need visual 2010(v100). Simply install additional build tools will solve this problem. This is really simple.

full procedure:

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